Monday, 29 April 2013

Try A Great Nootropic - Noopept


For those of you who have not tried Noopept, you should jump on board. It is a great nootropic that has been shown to increase memory, learning, focus and overall cognitive function. Noopept is much stronger than the racetam family because of how it is absorbed in the body.

My Results with Noopept

Noopept is the third nootropic I have tried next to Piracetam and Aniracetam. When I first took Noopept I felt a great increase in my cognitive function. The results were subtle yet beautiful. It is really hard to explain but you would probably understand if you have tried nootropics before. Words came easier to me and seemed to just flow out of my mouth. Socializing became much easier because I didn't have to think anymore.

Noopept also has a beautiful calming effect. I think it really helps with my stress levels especially, during work (my job is stressful). If you haven't tried Noopept before, I suggest you do. My friend recommended on his nootropics blog for me to try it with a choline source. I picked Alpha GPC as my source. I just recently added this so I cannot vouch for it effectiveness yet.

Noopept vs. Racetams

Noopept works similarily to the racetam family (piracetam etc..) as a nootropic. It works to increase Acetylcholine receptor activity. Acetylcholine of course, is a cognitive learning neurotransmitter in the brain and stimulating its function results in higher cognitive functions. When Noopept enters the body, it works to increase Acetylcholine activity.

The main difference from Noopept to the racetam nootropics is the bioavailability. Technically, it is a nootropic dipeptide. Normal peptides usually cannot be absorbed through the intestines because your body breaks them down. With dipeptides, they are very resistant to these enzymes and can be absorbed much easier. When Noopept enters the bloodstream it crosses the blood-brain-barrier and this is what dictates its high nootropic potency. Just to get an idea, 1-3 grams is a common dosage of Piracetam whereas, a common active dosage of Noopept is 20-40mg

Some people think that sub lingual Noopept administration is the best method however this is false. Noopept is absorbed in the intestines and once it enters the bloodstream, it remains almost entirely unchanged in the liver. This means that taking it sublingually will not matter and oral is the best way to take Noopept.

Noopept vs. Piracetam

Noopept is actually fairly cheap. You only need to take a small amount of Noopept so buying 10 grams will actually last a very long time. Usually 20-40mg a day will yield the best results for most people. It has better effects than Piracetam for most people and some even experience some mood boosting qualities. This is thought to be similar to Aniracetam and how it works. These effects are likely because of effects on the 5HTP (Serotonin) and Dopamine receptor sites.

Where to Get Noopept

I highly recommend you get Noopept from I know there are some other suppliers but I have always grabbed my nootropics from peaknootropics and have not been let down yet. I know they only sell powder but I honestly think its better and cheaper in the long run. If you really want to, you can get a scale however they add a 10mg spoon with your purchase and I have always just used this.

One thing to remember is that Noopept is semi-water soluble. This means it will not mix super will with water so I always mix it with milk. Also, I really suggest you do not take Noopept on an empty stomach because it will limit the effectiveness. Take with food or preferably 15 min before a meal. This is what I have had the best results with.

Overall, I give Noopept a 5/5 rating so far. I will update further on my blog later.


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